May 3

When Is It Time to Remove a Tree from Your Property?

Trees add special value to any property. They provide shade, beauty, and clean air. It can be difficult to remove a tree but at some point, your tree may have to go depending on the growth pattern. The larger and older the tree gets, the more danger the tree poses.

If your tree appears to be at risk to your home, contact a certified arborist. The following are signs to look for that your tree is a risk.

Lean in the Trunk

Some trees naturally lean. Some don’t. If your tree has developed a lean with age, it is time to call an arborist.

Check the Base

The base of the tree can provide many warning signs that the tree has become a risk. If the roots are damaged or decaying, or there is a large gap between trunk and soil, then the tree is probably instable. Insects could have infected the tree if there are cracks, cavities, or rotten parts. Call an arborist to inquire about tree removal if any of these situations occur.


Inspecting the canopy of the tree should be done by a certified arborist. The arborist will look for dead branches or limbs that impose a risk to your property.

Tree Removal with Beaver Tree Service

The arborists at Beaver Tree Service are trained to evaluate risks and remove trees when necessary. We provide tree service in Beaverton, Portland, and Medford. Contact our certified arborists if you need expert tree removal.


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