Tree Pruning

tree pruning

When Do Your Trees Need Pruning?

Proper pruning helps reduce potential hazards (current and future!) It also increases beauty and helps train a tree to grow in a structurally sound pattern.

Do you have trees covering your lights at night? Do you have squirrels jumping from your trees to your house and causing problems? Clearance pruning is the solution!

Do you have Japanese Maples or other ornamental species? Our crew can prune to enhance the tree’s beauty, and we often come in to rescue an ornamental tree that has been improperly pruned.

Do you have fruit trees? Fruit trees love (and need!) annual or biannual pruning. Without maintenance, they can grow thick with sprouts that trap moisture and mildew, eroding their health and beauty. Proper pruning helps trees flourish, producing more fruit and flowers. A fruit tree that isn’t pruned often breaks under the weight of the fruit. Apple, plum, and pear trees are especially prone to this breakage. For those with fruit trees in the urban environment, the goal is a balance of beauty and productivity when pruning.

At Beaver Tree Service, our experienced and knowledgeable crew prunes to standards set by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) to enhance the appearance and health of your trees and reduce the risk of tree failure. When you’re ready to prune your trees, call Beaver Tree Service.

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