Trees Can be Frustrating!

Don't tackle problem trees alone - let us help.

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Tree Service, Pruning,& Tree/Stump Removal

Serving Southern Oregon, Portland Metro, & More

Tree Removal & Pruning

Remove dead, hazardous, or poorly-located trees. Have your trees or shrubs pruned to industry standard to reduce failure risk and increase health and beauty.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Remove stumps to make room for a new tree or fresh landscaping. Reduce the return of unwanted sprouts.

Arborist Consultations

Learn what your trees need to maintain their health and life.

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We understand your trees.

We've had to shepherd and remove our own trees

We Understand the Affection You Have for Your Trees!

When a tree fails, we know it's often unexpected and stressful, as well as extremely inconvenient! We'd prefer to meet under happier circumstances — but we're glad we can help you find a solution, whether it's removing a tree that's become dangerous, or reducing further "tree surprises" with proactive maintenance.

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Our Stories


Joel's dad founded Beaver Tree Service, and as the second-generation owner, Joel has lived through and experienced the modernization of arboriculture in the Northwest.  Joel brings a physics degree to his work,  which gives him a better perspective on forces acting upon a tree. He seeks balance between risk and affection when planning a customer’s personalized tree service.

As a child, Joel grew up with a walnut tree towering over the yard. He has fond memories of climbing its branches, swinging on it, and playing in the shade it created. He recalls watching his dad carefully prune this enormous tree after an intense windstorm, removing hanging branches and pruning the canopy to reduce future breakage. 

Joel has fond memories of spending time with his father on the job, and he sees tree care as a lifelong pursuit.  Eventually Joel worked with his father to expand the company to the Portland Metro Area, and today, he and his wife Terri build on the family legacy.


 Bringing over a decade of corporate communication experience to Beaver Tree, Terri joined her husband to manage behind-the-scenes logistics in support of crew and customers. Having worked in the retirement industry, she brings an empathetic approach and mindset to each person’s tree care needs.

Like Joel, Terri also has fond childhood memories of spending time outdoors. An avid reader, she loved climbing one specific apple tree, book in hand, sitting on a hammock-like branch to read in the summertime.

When customers share their affections for their trees, Terri understands. She has grown to appreciate the significant role trees play in Northwest lifestyles, and management of this valuable resource helps the trees and people thrive.

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Family-run, Second-Generation Business

Two Certified Arborists on Staff

We work with neighborhoods, historic churches & nonprofits

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3 Easy Steps to Start!


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Call or email us to schedule your service, and know your tree problem will be handled correctly!

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What You Can Expect

  • We'll give you a firm, transparent price with the best solution for your unique tree and property.
  • We'll help you navigate the  tree care process and answer your questions about trees, permits and best practices.
  • You'll be able to discuss any problems with a certified arborist.
  • You'll understand the risks and rewards for the trees on your property.
  • We make safety our top priority.
  • The quote you receive will be good for six months —  when you're ready, we'll be here!
  • You'll better understand your trees and know what to watch for in the future.

Our Customers Love Us!


What a great crew! So professional, tidy, competitively priced, friendly, and fast. I had a great surprise when I found that Robert, one of the crew, had sculpted a mushroom from one of the stumps. It’s fabulous!

- Marie

It's Your Choice

  • You won't be pressured for a quick decision
  • You'll get  a quote that will be good for six months, and we'll be here when you're ready
  • Professionals will handle your tree issue according to industry standards
  • You'll know the cost and service details before we start
  • Our team will do the job as outlined in your personalized quote
  • You can check in with our office and our onsite crew when you have questions
  • You won't have to deal with a pile of debris
  • You'll have a better idea of how to handle your trees in the future
  • Your yard will be ready for something new
  • You'll appreciate having your tree and stump removed at the same time

If You Call Another Tree Service or Do It Yourself...

  • An uncommunicative team will leave you pressured, frustrated and wondering what they're doing
  • You or someone you love could be injured, trying to do the work without training
  • Your time will be wasted waiting for calls or missed appointments
  • You'll expend more time, energy, and stress trying to handle it yourself

Don't take on problem trees alone. Let Beaver Tree's professionals handle them!
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Trees can be frustrating!

Don't tackle problem trees alone. Let us help.



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