Stump Removal

stump removal

Ready For a Change?

If you’d like to replant or change your landscape, we can remove a stump that might be in your way. First, we’ll schedule a free quote with the arborist. You can share your plans for the area. Are you planning to replant a tree, install a new fence, or just throw down new bark dust? Once we know your goals, we provide an estimate that matches your goal.

Second, we’ll request the location of all utilities before we grind a stump — you’ll see the spray-paint markings on the ground that mark their location. Once we have these unseen lines mapped, our crew will bring the stump grinder to chew through the stump.

Contact us! From Forest Grove to Beaverton or Medford to Ashland, our expert team is ready to help you with your stump removal project.

Trees can be frustrating!

Don't tackle problem trees alone. Let us help.



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