Emergency Tree Services

When Do You Need Emergency Tree Services?

emergency tree service

Storm-Related Damage

A tree blocking your driveway or lying on your house or car presents a clear (and frustrating!) emergency, but not all storm-related damage is obvious. After a storm, look at your trees. You might spot a hanger or splitting branch — and it’s time to call Beaver Tree Service! You can also watch for:
    • Noticeably cracked or split trees
    • Cracks in soil due to tree upheaval
    • Sudden, noticeable leaning
    • Detached limbs hanging in a tree’s canopy
    • Lightning damage (charred lines, soil explosion at base of tree, burnt smell)
    • Tree fallen or leaning against another tree or structure
    • Loss of over 25% of branches

We prioritize emergency work. When storms arrive, call right away as our schedule can fill up fast. The Beaver Tree Service crew has the skills to alleviate your tree emergency. Plus, we’ll save you hours of clean-up! Call our offices in the Medford or Portland Metro areas for a free estimate.


Other Emergencies

There are other conditions that can create hazardous situations. Contact us if you notice the following:

Disease or Infestation – When a tree is diseased and stressed, it can decline quickly. Disease or infestation can cause die-off and instability, creating a hazard. To minimize emergencies, call as soon as you notice changes in your trees. For example: Is your tree leaning? Does it have mushrooms growing on or around it? Are branches dead or dying? Does the tree look unhealthy? Do you see small insects boring holes into the tree? Call and schedule a free quote with the arborist.

Proximity to Power Lines – Trees and powerlines both need their space! If you see that your tree is crowding a powerline or growing too close to one, it could cause a fire. We can provide you with a free estimate and give you input about your tree. We’ll coordinate with the local power company to do the service safely.

We follow the power company’s lead when it comes to power lines. They will assess your tree and will prescribe the needed service, which will often include the power company sending their own team to do the initial pruning. After their part, we will finish the pruning or removal that is not in proximity to the power lines. Our job is to help facilitate these situations. Give us a call!

Trees can be frustrating!

Don't tackle problem trees alone. Let us help.



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