At Beaver Tree Service, we pride ourselves on delivering professional tree care solutions to residents and businesses across Southern Oregon. We’re a family-owned business committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you require residential tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, or emergency commercial tree services, our team is here to provide expert assistance. As the most trusted choice for tree service services in Central Point, OR, our services are a significant part of ensuring  your property remains safe, beautiful, and healthy.

Comprehensive Tree Care Services

With 40 years of experience in the industry, Beaver Tree Service is your trusted partner for all tree care needs. Here are some of our key tree service services in Central Point, OR.

Tree removal: Our skilled team is equipped to safely and efficiently remove trees of any size, whether they are diseased, damaged, or posing a hazard to your property. Our tree experts use advanced techniques and equipment to ensure minimal disruption to your surroundings.

Stump removal: Say goodbye to unsightly tree stumps with our stump removal services. Using specialized machinery, we can grind stumps down to below ground level. Customers are often able to replant trees or shrubs in the same location.

Tree pruning: Proper pruning is essential for maintaining the health and vitality of your trees. Our certified arborists employ industry-best practices to trim and shape trees, promoting optimal growth, structural integrity, and aesthetic appeal.

Expert arborist: Our team includes a certified arborist who can provide professional assessments and recommendations for your tree care needs. Whether you need advice on tree health, disease management, or planting strategies, our arborists are here to help.

Emergency tree services: When unexpected tree emergencies arise, such as storm damage or fallen trees, our team is ready to assist. We understand the urgency of such situations and prioritize emergency work. Contact us as soon as possible after a storm, as our schedule fills quickly.

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Should I Remove a Large Tree Close to the House? 
Deciding whether to remove a large tree close to the house depends on various factors. Consult our professional arborist to assess the tree's health and potential risks.

What Should I Do When a Tree Falls in My Yard?
When a tree falls in your yard, it's essential to prioritize safety and take immediate action. Start by assessing the situation from a safe distance to ensure there are no immediate hazards. Contact your local tree service services in Central Point, OR, for assistance with assessing the situation, removing the tree, and mitigating other risks.

Is Tree Removal Covered by Insurance?
Our Beaver Tree team is familiar with insurance standards and has experience in collaborating  with customers and insurance agents in understanding insurance coverage and providing a personalized quote. Our team can help you make a plan as well as confirm what information will be helpful to pass along to your agent to expedite service.    Contact Beaver Tree Service today for a consultation.

What Should I Do With the Tree Stump After Removal?
Consult with Beaver Tree Service for the best option based on your future plans. Depending on your landscaping preferences and plans, you might choose to leave or grind your stump. Stumps can take decades to deteriorate; grinding is often the most efficient solution. Beaver Tree Service can provide a quote for stump grinding.

Why Should I Consider Hiring a Professional Tree Removal Service?
Professional tree removal ensures safety through a combination of expertise, specialized equipment, and adherence to industry safety standards. At Beaver Tree Service, our professionals are certified and insured, providing peace of mind to our clients.

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