December 27

Is That a Giant by Your House?


Giant Sequoias, Sight or Eyesore?

Not long ago, a client reached out seeking assistance. Their property flaunted an impressive lineup of Giant Sequoias along one side, but these arboreal giants were causing more headaches than admiration. The customer lamented about the trees meddling with the sewer lines, foreseeing potential plumbing pandemonium.

Upon arrival, I was met with an astounding sight: over 25 of these colossal Sequoias dwarfing the landscape. Planted back in the '60s during the home's inception, these towering sentinels had outgrown their welcome, asserting their dominance over the property.

Sequoia Tree Services

Wrong Tree, Wrong Place

Sequoia trees are the world’s largest tree species. They have very aggressive root systems, as they are designed for the rocky, arid, sparse soil of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. The National Park Service states that, “The largest of the sequoias are as tall as an average 26-story building, and their diameters at the base exceed the width of many city streets. As they continue to grow, they produce about 40 cubic feet (one cubic meter) of wood each year, approximately equal to the volume of a tree that's 50 feet (15 meters) tall and one foot in diameter.”

When a customer has a “wrong tree, wrong place” situation, like these 25 sequoias, problems will continue. This species isn’t going to just stop growing and pushing its roots under a home.

The colossal root systems of Giant Sequoias have been known to lift and damage home foundations and disrupt essential utilities. Addressing these issues often involves removal, considering the destructive nature of these trees in close proximity to structures.

When is my Sequoia Tree a Problem?

In residential areas, Sequoia's can spell trouble. Their roots are giant, and can easily wreak havoc, damaging foundations, sidewalks, and plumbing systems.

Their roots aren't just tap-dancing around; they're a demolition crew, lifting foundations and leaving sidewalks shook. Imagine a tree with a penchant for rearranging your house or lifting the driveway - not the kind of landscaping one wants!

The practical solution often involves removal, especially when the tree's size and aggressive root system threaten property integrity. Pro Tip: best to avoid planting them near structures or in confined residential areas.

If you're grappling with Sequoia-related issues, our team offers free consultations. Remember, opting for a small Dogwood instead might save you from future property woes!

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