Tree Removal

Do You Have Dead, Hazardous, Destructive, or Poorly Located Trees?

You planted a tiny sequoia years ago. Now, this 100-foot monster is breaking your sidewalk and dropping large limbs in your yard. When you need to remove a hazardous or poorly located tree, our team—including certified arborists—uses specialized climbing gear and techniques to remove them safely and quickly. We also use our 65-plus-foot bucket trucks to remove dangerous trees.

If you’d like to replant or change your landscape, we can grind out the stump to accommodate your plans. Before we grind a stump, we’ll request a locate of all utilities. (You’ll see spray-paint markings on the ground). Once we have the unseen lines mapped out, our crew brings the toothy grinders to chew up the stump.

Expert Tree Removal

Is Your Tree Hazardous? Does It Need to Be Removed?
Hidden decay, shallow roots, and saturated soil create perfect conditions for tree failure in stormy weather. But wind and rain doesn’t always contribute to tree emergencies. Some trees are prone to diseases and infestations that weaken and destroy their structure, making them more likely to break. Other trees, like cottonwoods, consume large amounts of water and can “snap” off limbs during the heat of summer.

We can answer your questions on stump removal and tree removal. Call us today!