October 19

Can I Trim My Trees Myself?


While it can be tempting to trim your trees yourself, the risks outweigh the benefits. Sure, you might save money initially compared to hiring a landscaper. However, as experienced arborists we often have customers reach out to us because they damaged their trees or could not finish the job well. Learn why to call an experienced arborist for tree trimming in this article:

Improper Trimming can Harm or Kill Your Tree

Google does not have all the answers for pruning your trees correctly. You need to trim your tree differently depending on the health, weather, and species. If you trim your tree wrong, you can harm or kill your tree. There are many common tree pruning mistakes including,

  • Taking too much off the top
  • Not knowing where to cut
  • Over pruning

An arborist has the training and knowledge to avoid harming your tree.

Professionals Have the Equipment to Get the Job Done Right

Tree trimming requires special equipment to get the job done right. Large trees may require bucket lifts. These are not machines that most people have laying around at home. A bucket lift will enable tall trees to be trimmed. Attempting to trim trees without the proper equipment can result in injury.

Tree Pruning Can Lead to Accidents If You are Not Prepared

Tree trimming can be dangerous for you and your home. An experienced arborist is prepared for unexpected hazards. The most common accident is falling out of the tree. Other common accidents are electrocution, being struck by tree limbs, or limbs falling on your property. These accidents happen quickly. A tree trimming expert will work with these dangers in mind and practice the right techniques to prevent an accident.

The End Results Will Look Better

Tree trimming’s goal should be for the best shape and health of the tree. An experienced arborist can complete the job well so your tree continues to flourish. It will look more aesthetically pleasing as a significant addition to your property.

Contact Beaver Tree Service today for tree trimming services. Our experienced arborists can help in Medford, Portland, and Beaverton, Oregon.




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