April 26

The Difference of Shearing Versus Pruning


As your trees grow, they will need to be trimmed. At this point, your tree will need to be sheared of pruned. The tree trimming techniques are totally different. Before you decide which tree trimming method to use, it is important to know the differences. At Beavertree Service, we provide the highest quality tree pruning services to keep your trees and shrubs healthy for long-term growth.

What is Tree Pruning?

Pruning focuses on rejuvenating your shrubs or trees. There are two methods to prune your trees. One method is to remove the entire main branch back to the ground level. Another method is removing the oldest, tallest, and unproductive branches over a period of years, leaving room for growth of healthy branches.

What is Shearing?

Shearing is for aesthetic or privacy purposes. Arborists shape formal hedges using long bladed hands or electric shears. Unfortunately, shearing can have unsightly side-effects, including new growth on the outside of the plant which leads to a lifeless, dead, and empty interior.

Tree trimming is necessary as your plants grow. At Beavertree Service, we provide the highest quality tree pruning to our customers. Tree services provides long-term healthy tree growth. Contact Beavertree Service in Portland, Medford, and Beaverton for tree pruning in your area.


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