May 20

Protecting the Roots of Your Trees


When you think of a healthy tree, most of us imagine a lush tree with large leaves and stems. What we don’t consider is the roots play an essential part of a thriving tree. Roots retain moisture and nutrients that a tree needs to grow. Continue reading to learn tips on protecting the roots of your trees.

Tips to Protect Your Tree Roots

The first step to protect your tree roots is to know where they are. This is especially important for new landscaping or construction. Many of us do home renovation projects without planning for the longevity of our trees. The tools, workers, and new landscaping often kill the trees in your yard without proper planning. Power tools should be used carefully around tree roots. If you accidently cut the roots, you can cut off their source to obtaining water and nutrients in the soil. During construction, you may consider putting up a tree protection fence to ensure that your tree’s roots are not damaged.

Adding mulch to your tree’s base can also help keep the tree’s roots thriving. Mulch helps your tree retain moisture and maintain a consistent soil temperature. Do not add more than three or four inches of mulch. The only exception is in cold regions where frost can disturb roots.

Watering techniques can also impact the tree’s roots. The first tip is not to water when the ground is frozen. Earlier in the day is better, especially if there is a chance that the ground will freeze. Apply water at or near the dripline.

Is your tree sick? Are you newly planting a tree? Do you have questions on tree care? Contact Beaver Tree Service in Medford and Beaverton, Oregon. We are experienced arborists that can help protect your tree roots. Contact our tree service experts today!


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