March 26

How-To Use Trees to Lower Your Electric Bill


Summer is just around the corner. You are excited for the warm summer days, BBQ’s, and outdoor fun. However, when the temperature rises, so does your home which can add extra cost for air conditioning. Planting trees that add shade over your home is a natural method to reduce the amount of solar heat your home absorbs. With the right planning with an experienced arborist, you can create the shade that your home needs to lower your electric bill.

Choose Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees have leaves whereas coniferous trees have needles. The leaves in deciduous trees can provide a greater canopy. Coniferous trees so not shed their needles annually but the trees are not as full.

Plant Trees on the West Side

Most homes in the United States are exposed to mid-day summer sun on the west side. This could vary with a number of factors, such as surrounding buildings, region, and time of year. An experienced arborist can help find the best placement to provide shading for your home.

Plant Shrubs Around the Air Conditioner

Planting shrubs around the air conditioner can make it up to 10% more efficient. The shrubs cast shade on the unit during hot summer months.

Utilizing trees and shrubs for shade can cut 100’s of dollars off your electric per year. An experienced arborist can help develop a plan that is best for your home. For the best results, your trees will need to be planted by an arborist with a tree maintenance plan. Beaver Tree Service can help in Beaverton, Portland, and Medford, Oregon. Contact us today at our Southern Oregon location and 541-779-7072 or in Portland-Metro at 503-224-1338.


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