February 15

How-To Protect Newly Planted Trees in the Winter


Newly planted trees require special care and attention. Doing so ensures that they grow healthy roots and a sold structure. If you live in cold weather climate, protecting your trees can be more difficult. It is essential to prepare your tree for the cold so it is not damaged.

Your tree can be damaged from winter due to a number of issues. Extreme winter conditions, such as ice storms, wind, and sub-zero temperatures can break branches. Snow cover actually insulates the trees. However, if your area lacks snow, the tree will not be protected. Repeated freezing and thawing can also cause root damage. A newly planted tree does not have the mechanisms to protect itself from the harsh winter. You need to use precautions to keep the tree healthy.

What Should You Do for Your Trees?

Newly planted trees do not have the root system that’s well established enough to reach the water that is deep in the soil during the winter. To provide your tree with hydration, water it in late October and early November. If the winter is mild, you can add a few watering’s during the coldest months.

Mulch acts as an insulator. Using mulch, you can keep soil temperature higher. This will prevent cold air from penetrating the root and help the tree retain moisture. Place a four-inch layer around the tree’s base, spreading out at least two feet from the trunk.

Newly planted trees can benefit from wrapping. When a tree sucks up sunlight and then quickly drops in temperature, the bark will often become cracked and dry. Speak with an experience arborist to learn how to wrap trees properly.

Pruning season can be best during winter when branches grow slower. The practice removes dead and dying branches that can prevent growth in the spring months.

Newly planted trees must be cared for to last through the winter. An arborist can help maintain the long-term health of your tree. Contact Beaver Tree Service today in Beaverton or Medford, Oregon to work with a tree service expert.


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