April 25

How-To Plant a Tree


Trees are a significant addition to your property. They can increase property value and add natural beauty. Before you plant a tree in your yard, it is important to know the right techniques. The proper tree planting techniques can ensure longevity. Planting a tree can be a fun and simple task if you are prepared.

Steps to Planting a Tree

Do Your Research on Placement

Species of tree will thrive under various conditions. If you plant a tree that needs a lot of direct light, make sure you have a place in your yard that fits the condition. Also, know the amount of water that your tree requires.
What natural environment does your property have that your tree can thrive? You wouldn’t plant a palm tree in Alaska!
Additionally, trees should not be planted around any utility structures. This could be a power line or electrical box. Doing so could cause big problems for you in the future.

Planting Season

Know when your species of tree should be planted. Not every tree should be planted during the same season. Generally, trees should be planted in mid-spring or early fall. The ground needs to be the correct temperature for the tree to thrive.

The Hole

The depth and width of the hole is very important. If it is too deep, the tree cannot absorb oxygen or water in the top soil. If the hole is not wide enough, the roots will not be able to expand. The root collar of the tree should sit at the level of the dirt. Make sure the dirt is not too tight so the water can flow.

The Container

Do not remove the container from the trunk of the tree. Instead, lay the tree on its side. Gently remove the container. This will help the roots and trunk from being pulled on too aggressively. You can then separate the roots. It is important that the roots are not tangled around themselves. This can cause the tree to kill itself.
If the roots look twisted, gently cut the roots so they can spread out. Use a 2-4 inch blade to ensure that you do not go to think into the root system. This is only to loosen the roots.

Placing the Tree

After you have found the right spot, dug the hole, and prepared the tree for planting, you can place the tree. First center the tree by handling the root ball. The root ball should be about an inch above the soil level. Once the root ball is positioned, use the soil that you removed to fill in the hole. If your soil is low quality, you may consider adding a heavy compost. Creating a water basin or berm around the base of your tree will fight soil erosion and hold water where the roots can absorb it.


Watering is imperative to tree growth. Give your tree about 5-10 gallons of water when initially planted. This can help settle the soil and stimulate root growth. After the tree is initially planted, follow the guidelines to watering you tree species.

A tree service expert can help plant your tree when you are having difficulties. Contact Beaver Tree Service in Portland, Beaverton, and Medford, Oregon. We can help plant your tree successfully!


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