January 21

How-To Manage Frozen Trees and Shrubs


Whether your town experiences heavy snow or non-stop rain, your trees and shrubs will most likely freeze over in the winter. The ice may melt and your tree will not experience any damage from the conditions. However, ice lasting for months can cause lasting damage making it difficult to recover. The ice gets heavy and branches break. Broken branches put the health of the tree at risk. Usually, it takes half an inch of ice to break a limb or branch so the likelihood is slim but not impossible. If you are facing a harsh winter, there are techniques to care for the health of your tree or shrub.

Let the Ice Melt

If the forecast predicts warmer weather, allow the ice to melt. Chipping ice off branches can cause further damage so it should be a last resort.

Look for Hazards

Large, frozen branches over your home should not be ignored. If the branch breaks, it could cause serious damage. Inspect for split trunks or leaning trees, as well.

Call a Professional

A professional arborist can tell you how to care for a frozen tree or shrub. Branches may need to be pruned to prevent damage to your home. If a tree has began leaning, it may need to be removed.

Frozen trees or shrubs should not be ignored. In severe conditions, fallen trees due to harsh winter conditions caused major damage to people’s property. If you notice frozen branches or a trunk leaning, contact a professional arborist. Beaver Tree Service can help prevent damage to your property and maintain the health of your trees. We provide tree service in Medford and the greater Portland area. Contact us today at 541-779-7072 for our Medford location or 503-224-1338 for our Portland location.


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