September 17

How-To Handle Complaints About Your Trees


Trees grow large and abundant in the Pacific Northwest. The growth makes the tree beautiful but can overstep property lines. At some point, a tree’s growth may negatively impact your neighbor. If you received a complaint about your tree, it is important to know your responsibilities, legal rights, and get the appropriate tree service for both you and your neighbor.

Tree Property Laws

It is important to first know the law before moving forward. Firstly, whoever owns the trunk, owns the tree. Under no circumstances can your neighbor cut down a tree when the trunk is on your property.

Secondly, branches that encroach the property line can be cut down. However, in doing so, the health of the tree must not be compromised. The neighbor can only trim the branches in a safe manner. This technique often provides a compromise.

Thirdly, the fruit of the tree belongs to the owner of the tree. Even if the branches grow over your neighbor’s property, the fruit is still yours. The fruit cannot be harvested by your neighbor.

Finally, damage payments can only be collected for negligence. For example, if you did not maintain the branches or roots, you will likely have to pay for damages. However, if a branch fell during a storm, you probably won’t have to pay for damages. Make sure that you trim your trees to ensure they stay healthy and strong.

When Your Neighbor Complains

When your neighbor expresses their concerns, it is important to listen. Often an agreement can be determined quickly with compromise.

At Beaver Tree Service, we often help resolve neighbor disputes with tree trimming. For example, your tree may be blocking their natural light or spreading over their lawn. A tree trim can quickly fix this dispute.

You should not feel pressured to cut down your tree to entirety. Not only are trees beautiful but they are good for the environment and add value to your property. An ornamental tree can be worth $50,000. If your neighbor is pushing cutting down the tree, know your legal rights. You may need to speak with an attorney.

Contact Beaver Tree Service in Beaverton, Portland, and Medford, Oregon for help maintaining your trees. We can help keep your trees healthy to prevent complaints from neighbors. Contact our experienced arborists today!



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