September 24

How-To Care for a New Tree


A new tree is an exciting addition to your property. You gain shade, aesthetic appeal, and perhaps a limb for a tire swing. Taking care of a young tree takes effort. If you don’t care for a young tree, it won’t be able to grow big and strong. This article explains how to care for a young tree. For further instructions, speak with an experienced arborist.


When you first plant your tree, it will take time to get used to the environment. Eventually your tree can survive off normal rainfall but initially the tree requires watering. During the first few weeks of growth, watering can bring oxygen and moisture to the tree. Most trees need to be watered for at least a year of being transplanted.


Mulching is essential to retain moisture. However, when too much mulch is laid, the roots can become damp, building fungi. Lay 2-4” of mulch around young trees, leaving an inch of unmulched area around the base.


Typically young trees will not require trimming. They need the first years to flourish. Too much trimming can stunt the growth of the tree.

Tree Service Experts

Transplanting a tree requires precise care to thrive. The best option is to speak with a tree service expert and learn exactly what your tree requires. Beaver Tree Service are experienced arborists in Beaverton, Medford, and Portland, Oregon. Contact Beaver Tree for help on transplanting a tree.


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