August 18

Destructive Insects In Trees


Insects play an important role to the health of your trees. In the Pacific Northwest, bugs like bees and butterflies are pollinators which help produce fruit of the flowers around your homes. Spiders can help reduce the population of disease from mosquitos and flies. These are important insects to maintain in your lawn.

However, many insects can cause havoc to your trees. If you notice the following pests, contact a tree service expert that can help prevent damage;


Many people that live in the Pacific Northwest have experience with aphids. They may seem harmless at first but in high numbers can suck the sap out of trees, causing the leaves to curl and die. Aphids also release sap from their bodies causing the tree to mold and die.

A small infestation of aphids can be killed with a simple blast of the garden hose. If the aphids have grown to a high amount, you will need to use an insecticide.


Spider Mites

Have you every noticed the leaves of a tree or plant with tiny holes across the surface? The leaves are probably starting to dry out. The holes are due to spider mites. A spider mite pierces the protective layer of leaves with it’s eight legs. In the Pacific Northwest, you will commonly see damage from spider mites on conifer trees like Doug-fir, pine and spruce.

You can treat spider mites with soapy water. Spruce Spider Mites require an addition application of ‘horticultural oil’ to kill eggs surviving through the winter.

spider mite

Insect Borers

Insect borers, such as the Asian Longhorned Beetle and the Bronze Birch Borer, tunnels into the trunk of trees. The bugs then lay eggs in the tunnels and block off water and nutrients traveling to the tree. If you notice large holes in a tree, this could be from insect borers.

There is no easy treatment for insect borers. Your best chance is an insecticide. However, insect borers feed on dead, dying wood. If you keep your trees fertilized and watered, you will lower the possibility of insect borers infecting your trees.

spruce beetle

Insect infestations can cause serious problems to your trees. Speak with an experienced tree service expert for more information. Beaver Tree Service are arborists in Medford and Beaverton, Oregon. Contact us today!


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