December 11

5 Benefits of Planting Trees


Trees have many benefits on the environment besides being beautiful additions to your landscaping. Among many, trees help clean the air, provide shelter, and provide a renewable energy source. We narrowed down a list of five benefits of planting trees.

What are the benefits of planting trees?

Habitat for Wildlife

Trees are an important element for our wildlife. They provide shelter, food, and a site for reproduction. Many animals use trees to nest such as birds and squirrels. Wildlife needs trees to survive. Planting a tree can provide food and shelter for an animal.

Fights Climate Change

Carbon dioxide is the main pollutant that causes global warming. Every human produces a carbon footprint. Some people’s CO2 impact is larger than others. Through photosynthesis, trees and other plants transform carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into carbohydrates, which they use to make stems, leaves and roots. Trees are essential for fighting climate change.

Provides Air Conditioning

In the summer, your electric bill can increase from air conditioning. Trees can shade your home to keep it cooler in the summer. Before planting a tree too close to your home, speak with an experienced arborist who knows the best distance for the tree’s growth.

Prevents Soil Erosion

After a storm, you may notice your soil displaced in another part of your yard. This can cause problems for future vegetation. Planting trees is a natural remedy to maintain healthy soil and prevent erosion. Trees have expansive root systems that hold the soil in place and improves the drainage of soil. The large canopies can also reduce the impact of rain on the ground.

Reduces Noise Pollution

Whether it is traffic, construction, or a neighbor’s party, you will be bothered by noise at some point. Buffer the noise with a dense section of trees. A well-planted group of trees can reduce sound by 10 decibels.

Trees are a powerful addition to the ecosystem and your home. Contact Beaver Tree Service in Beaverton and Medford, Oregon for more information on planting a tree in your yard. We have an experienced team of tree service experts that are ready to help.




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