When to Prune Your Shrub

When to Prune Your Shrub

shrubOne of the most important things about shrub care is knowing when to prune. Pruning during the right season will lead to healthy, attractive, and productive plants. The proper time to prune shrubs varies on the state of health of the plant.

If your shrub has been neglected, it will probably require more aggressive pruning to eliminate dead growth. Rejuvenation pruning is better in early spring or late winter. While this will eliminate flower growth for two to three years, your shrub is more likely to experience long-term restoration.

The best time to prune healthy plants is immediately after flowering. Healthy plants only require light to moderate pruning. If you prune a healthy tree or shrub immediately after flowering, the gardener can enjoy the spring flower display as well as provide adequate time for the new shrubs to grow flower buds for next season.

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