The Advantages of Pruning Trees and Shrubs

The Advantages of Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Pruning is defined as the removal of unwanted or overgrown parts of the plant in order to make room for more growth.

If you have a shrubs or trees in your yard, you most likely need to prune them at some point. This may seem like an arduous task but for the health of your plants, it is necessary. Learn why pruning is important in our article:

Pruning Trees and Shrubs

  1. Pruning the tree or shrub allows sunlight and air to reach the middle and ground portions of the tree to promote growth.
  2. Pruning promotes fruiting of trees. Trees that do not get pruned will not produce as much fruit as trees that are pruned.
  3. Pruning controls diseases and pests from attacking the tree.
  4. Pruning improves the beauty of the tree or shrub by remove dead limbs.
  5. Pruning is helpful for transplantation. If you are removing the excess growth, the tree or shrub will be easier to move.
  6. Pruning removes diseased sections of the tree or shrub to ensure that it does not spread.

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