February 19

5 Types of Tree Pruning


Pruning should be regular tree maintenance for both young and old trees. There are many benefits to pruning, such as keeping it healthy and strong. There are five ways of pruning trees. A tree service expert will know what pruning technique is best for your tree. Continue reading to learn the five ways of tree pruning:

Types of Tree Pruning

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning removes smaller, weaker limbs from the top of the trees to open the tree canopy. This allows more air and light to penetrate the branches and leaves below. Crown thinning also lightens larger limbs loads.

Dead Pruning

Dead pruning removes dead, dying, or diseased branches. This removed infected limbs and improves the appearance of your trees. Removing dead branches can also reduce the risk that the branches will break on your property.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction removes the small branches attached to the larger, heavier branches. This ensures that your tree does not become too top heavy. Crown reduction is especially important for younger trees. It helps ensure the tree can grow big and strong without the added weight of smaller branches.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting removes the low-hanging branches and limbs that weigh down the higher ones. This pruning technique is usually for trees that overhang sidewalks, roads, or your home. Crown lifting can also be used to achieve a more manicured yard.


Pollarding involves removing all branches so all that remains is the secondary branches along the framework. Pollarding must start when a tree a young. This type of trimming ensures a constant supply of small diameter poles without killing your tree.

Pruning can improve the strength and health of the tree. Beaver Tree Service in Beaverton, Portland, and Medford are experienced arborists. Contact us today for more information on tree pruning.




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