September 20

Is Tree Topping the Best or Worst Option?

As a seasoned Oregon Tree Service, we realize that the average person doesn’t realize how bad tree topping is. Let’s take a look at this horribly damaging cutting process a little closer.

Why Do People Top Trees?

The main source of food for a tree is its lush leaves. But when a tree is topped and they are abruptly taken away, it can hurt it significantly. 

Trees will naturally grow in the direction they grow, and the things us human beings develop in society (such as power lines) sometimes get in their way! But, instead of terribly mutilating a tree by topping it, more attention to detail should be applied by an experienced tree service carefully cutting the limbs and branches only back to where they originated on the tree instead of completely scalping the plant. 

Another example would be a person who has a huge tree near their residence who may think that topping it is the best option, especially if they feel that it may damage their house in the next big storm to hit the area. But, cutting a tree all the way down to its stubs is not the best option. 

Why Does Topping Hurt Trees?

Purdue University points out the damage tree topping can cause when “branches are cut without regard for tree health or structural integrity” (PU, 2021). The International Society of Agriculture also points out several other reasons how tree topping can hurt your trees.

For example, other than stressing the tree by snatching away its leaves, the society points out how trees can be sunburned and also begin to rot and decay after topping, leaving an ugly appearance.

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If you have a tree that’s getting too large, and you think it may cause problems, don’t resort to topping it. Instead, contact our trusted arborists at Beaver Tree Service and we’ll come out to your property to show you a better alternative.


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