August 27

Reasons for Stump Removal


Stump removal is not always an easy decision for homeowners. When the decision is not obvious, it is important to speak with an experienced arborist. An arborist can help determine whether a stump should be removed for the health of your property. There are some signs that a stump should be removed immediately:

Signs that Stumps Should Be Removed Immediately 

Stumps are an Eyesore

Stumps rarely add appealing aesthetics to your home. The stump may eventually rot and grow weeds around the base. If your stump is causing an eyesore on your lawn, it should be removed.

Stumps are Dangerous

Stumps can be a tripping hazard. Children, visitors, and the elderly are especially vulnerable. This creates a liability on your property.

Stumps Attract Insects

A decaying stump can attract a variety of insects including carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, and termites. These insects pose a threat to your home and healthy trees.

Stumps Take Up Space

Unless you have acres of property, stumps take up valuable space. Removing a stump leaves more room for growing healthy grass and foliage.

Contact an experienced arborist for stump removal. Beaver Tree Service provides stump removal services in Beaverton and Medford, Oregon. Contact us today!



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