June 29

What Do Trees Need to Stay Healthy?


If you have a lawn, you may consider adding trees or shrubs to your property. If planted right, you can receive shade on your home and added beauty. Before you plant any tree anywhere on your lawn, be sure that it is well planned for the long-term health of the tree. There are many properties that determine the health of your tree or shrub.


Plant your tree in the right location. Your tree needs sufficient space and light to thrive. Don’t plant your tree around power lines. Be aware that you may also experience more maintenance if the tree is planted close to your home.

Water Your Tree

We remember to water our flowers and vegetable gardens, but many of us forget to water our trees. Especially if you live in a dry climate, your tree will need watering to stay healthy. Young trees can require from 10-40 gallons of water per week, however mature trees can need only a half inch. Speak with an experienced arborist to learn the amount you should water your trees.


You may need to mulch depending on the type of tree. Mulching insulates moisture and protects the roots.


Pruning is important for the structure of the tree. For example, when a limb dies, you can use pruning to remove the limb. If you do not remove the limb, the rest of the tree can mold and die also. Pruning can also prevent limbs from growing close to your home.

Before you plant a tree, it is essential to speak with an experienced arborist. They can help you determine which trees would maintain the best health in your area. At Beaver Tree Service, we can help plan the best option for the location and type of tree, as well as plant and maintain the tree. Contact the arborists are Beaver Tree Service in Medford, Beaverton, or Portland today!


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