June 28

Tree Care Tips for Summer


The 2021 summer is supposed to reach record high temperatures in the Pacific Northwest. For this reason, you need to be especially aware of your tree’s health. If the tree is showing signs of sickness, it may not survive the summer. The following are tree care tips from an experienced arborist:

Signs of Tree Heat Stress

Trees will show signs of heat stress including but not limited to;

  • Wilted or yellow leaves
  • Fruit and flower drop
  • Leaf or branch drop
  • Dead or brown leaf tips or leaf margins

If you discover any of these signs, use mulch to cover the tree’s roots. This can insulate you tree to help keep it cool. Additionally, if the soil is dry, water the tree.

Trim or Prune Your Tree

Light trimming or pruning may be required if your tree is heat stressed. Doing so will prevent the spread of insect infestations and will allow more sunlight to the tree’s roots. Trimming or pruning a tree should be completed by an experienced arborist.

Fertilizer and Mulch

An optimal level of nutrients and organic matter in the mulch can help the tree to grow, minimize weed growth, and stay cool. However, make sure to keep a space clear around the tree. Mulch without circulation promotes mold and fungi.

Medford and Beaverton Tree Care

If your tree is showing signs of stress from the heat, contact Beaver Tree Service in Medford, Portland, or Beaverton, Oregon. We can help your trees become healthy again during the hot summer days.


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