March 29

When Do You Need Emergency Tree Service?


Having trees in your yard is desirable for many reasons. However, if your tree is damaged, you may need emergency tree service. Contact an experienced arborist if you notice your trees with any of the following issues:


When a tree is diseased, the damage can progress quickly. A serious disease could kill the tree or cause it to become unstable. If you notice your tree leaning, hollowing out, bearing or dropping dead branches, or otherwise looking unhealthy, contact an experienced arborist.

After a Storm

Storms commonly cause trees to fall over or limbs to break. If the tree has fallen against another tree or a structure, an emergency tree service expert should be contacted immediately. If ignored, surrounding trees or the structure could be damaged further.

Too Close to Power Lines

Space is required between trees and powerlines. If you notice your tree crowding or growing close to a powerline, contact an emergency tree service expert. You may only need the branches trimmed.

Contact Beaver Tree Service to work with an arborist in Beaverton or Medford, Oregon. We provide emergency tree services.


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