March 10

Tree Maintenance Tips to Prevent Property Damage


Trees are special additions to your landscaping. They improve the property’s appearance, clean the air, reduce electric bills, and can improve property value. However, a neglected tree can damage your property. If you have trees on your property, it is important to maintain them. Continue reading to learn more about tree maintenance;

Avoiding Property Damage from Trees

Tree Pruning

Pruning is often associated with aesthetics and the health of a tree. Overgrown trees are unsightly and can attract pests. One of the biggest hazards of not pruning is the tree developing weak branches. In a storm, these branches could fall on your property. Regular tree pruning keeps the tree healthy to prevent accidental tree falling.

Monitor for Diseases

Diseases can weaken and kill trees on your property. Sometimes, diseases are not noticeable. Common signs are cracks, molding, and decaying. If a dying tree is near a structure, it can cause serious damage.

Remove Weakened and Dying Trees

Weakened or dying trees should be removed from your property immediately. Not only can their disease spread to other trees but they are also likely to fall. If the tree is located near a dwelling, contact a tree service expert immediately.

Trees are special additions to your property but should be tended to. Neglecting your trees can cause serious property damage. Beaver Tree Service in Medford, Portland, and Beaverton, Oregon are experienced arborists. Contact Beaver Tree Service to ensure your trees are staying healthy.


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