January 24

Is My Tree Dying or Dead?


If your tree is in your yard, you probably will notice changes to the bark and leaves. Some of the changes may by adjustments to weather. Other changes are could be because your tree is dying. The following tips can help you identify if your tree is dying or dead.

A Dead Versus Dying Tree

Identifying a Dying Tree

There is a difference between a dying versus dead tree. A dying tree can be saved. You should work quickly to save it. A dying tree can be quickly identified with a pocket knife. Use the pocket knife to scrape off a small twig. If the tree is green and moist underneath, it is still alive. If the tree is brown and brittle, identify the severity with the following steps:

  • Mushrooms present at the base of the tree
  • Split, cracked, or peeling bark
  • Branches that are falling from canopy
  • Leaves missing from branches

Identifying a Dead Tree

A dead tree cannot be saved. If your tree is dead, you need to call a tree service expert to remove the tree from your property. Some of the indicators that your tree is dead includes the following:

  • Mushrooms growing near the roots
  • Cracks in the trunk
  • Peeling bark
  • Bugs that are not present on many of the branches

Contact a tree service expert to help with dead or dying trees. Beaver Tree Service are professional arborists in Beaverton and Medford, Oregon. We can carefully remove dead trees so they do not cause property damage. Contact us today!


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