February 21

When Do Tree Leaves Come Back in the Spring?


If you live in the Pacific Northwest, it means that your trees lose leaves and freeze during the winter months. Many of us wait anxiously for our trees, flowers, and shrubs to bloom again. The question is, when can we expect fragrant flowers and green leaves?

The answer is, there is no set date for trees to break bud. The time changes depending on the climate of the year. However, there are signs that your foliage will bloom soon.

Trees respond to warmer days after a stretch of cold winter months. They also react to longer sunny days. Together, these changes in the winter spur growth and development in your trees.

What If Your Trees Are Not Growing Leaves in the Spring?

You notice that your neighbor’s trees have grown leaves. Your tree still has barren branches. Don’t panic immediately. First, your yard could receive less sun than your neighbors which causes the trees to bread bud later. You could also have a different type of tree which takes longer to grow leaves.

If you are concerned about the growth of your trees, call the experts at Beaver Tree Service in Beaverton and Medford. We can help indicate if there is a problem. Contact our arborists today in Beaverton at 503-224-1338 or Medford at 541-779-7072.


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