October 28

Our Tree Service Performs Restorative Pruning for Oregon Homes and Businesses

Have you walked past a place in Portland or Southern Oregon lately and thought to yourself, “My, that’s a pretty piece of property…but they should really do something with that scraggly tree on the side of their yard!” Or, maybe it’s your own residence or business that contains an unattractive tree that desperately needs some extra love and attention!

Why Our Oregon Tree Service Performs Healthy Restorative Pruning 

Just like Linus felt about the weak, limp little Christmas tree in the holiday classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas, we also know that most trees that are in this condition, in Linus’ words, “just need a little love”. And, as your local Oregon tree service, we always enjoy seeing the eventual results of good restorative pruning.

Now, let’s be clear. Your overlooked or forgotten tree of course will not immediately transform into a beautiful one (like in the classic cartoon referenced above), and it will take a little time. But, what restorative pruning can do is ensure that any tree that has been neglected for a long while has a fighting chance to become a healthy, blooming one once again.

What our seasoned professionals at Beaver Tree Service will perform are tasks such as removing deadwood and unproductive branches. We’ll also make corrections to any improper pruning that was previously conducted on the tree(s).

What’s the Goal of a Tree Service When Clearance Pruning? 

Sometimes, a tree will inadvertently grow into an area that is inconvenient, or even dangerous! This is when we perform what’s called clearance pruning, which is when we remove parts of a tree that are causing specific issues.

This video explains this in a little more detail, but all you have to do is take a look around your neighborhood and you’ll surely see examples of trees that need to be cleared. A few would be limbs that are growing too close to power lines, or are beginning to grow into a driveway or walkway. 

We’ll talk more about clearance pruning on the next blog…

Contact Your Trusted Local Oregon Tree Service Today

Don’t hesitate to contact us today at Beaver Tree Service if you have a tree (or trees) at your home or business that requires our professional restorative and/or clearance tree services. We look forward to making the trees on any of your properties safe and appealing again!


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