June 18

Why You Should Consider Planting a Shrub at Your Home


Designing your landscaping provides the opportunity to add many aesthetic and environmental features to your home. A shrub is a woody plant that is smaller than a tree with several stems near ground level, can be excellent additions.

There are many benefits to adding shrubs to your landscaping. Consider the following before you decide on a statue or water fountain:

Energy Saving

Air conditioning can be a very expensive cost in the summer. Plant your shrubs near your home to provide shade. This will keep your home cooler so you do not have to blast your air conditioner all summer.

Food and Shelter for Birds

You are not the only one that can benefit from shrubs. The birds will benefit, especially during the winter when food and shelter is in short supply.

Added Beauty

Shrubs can be a beautiful addition to your landscaping. Unlike most flowers, they are reliable to grow on their own if they are planted in the right climate and soil conditions.

Improved Air Quality

Our air is filled with dust and pollutants – some areas worse than others. Plants improve the air quality by filtering the dangerous pollutants that we breath every day.

Planting shrubs can be very beneficial for the landscaping of your home. If you decide to plant shrubs, it is essential that you continue to care for the plants. Beaver Tree Service provides expert shrub pruning in Beaverton and Portland to maintain healthy growth and shape of your shrubs. Call us today!


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