Mitigating Hazards Before They’re Dangerous

Recently we’ve had several cases where clients called us to have a worrisome dead tree removed, and when our arborist arrived to give an estimate, we’d discover that the tree had been dead for a very long time. The most recent case was a birch tree tucked away in a back yard, surrounded by garden… Continue Reading

Problem Poplars

For today’s topic we’ll be discussing one of the most maligned tree families in the urban environment, a consistent nuisance to homeowners and arbor care professionals alike: The poplar family (consisting of cottonwoods, aspens, Lombardy poplars, etc.) grows in tall, vertical columns, with steep and often weak branch unions and soft, brittle wood. Rows of… Continue Reading

Walt’s Tree Service Joins the Beaver Family!

After over 30 years of providing top-quality tree and landscape services in the Portland area, Dave and Robin Allie of Walt’s Tree Service have decided to retire. We at Beaver Tree Service would like to see them happily into their future, and we’re proud to have adopted their highly experienced and dedicated crew into our… Continue Reading

Deadwood Hazards and Overgrowth

Over the course of the winter you might grow accustomed to seeing leafless trees in your yard, but when spring and summer roll around and your tree still looks like this:. .. it’s pretty clear that you have a problem on your hands. Even when you don’t have a half-dead tree posing an obvious and… Continue Reading

Caring for Your Ornamental Maples

Spring is here and trees everywhere are sprouting their leaves and blossoms, creating an eye-popping spectacle throughout the area. But while your eyes are drawn ever upward to the beautiful sprawling trees above you, your smaller specimens might have escaped your notice. So we’d like to turn your attention to one of our favorite ornamentals,… Continue Reading